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Flexible ways to create a class and teach english,french,maths,biology,dancing,hip-hop,guitar lessons,chess, cookng ,rocket science.ect !

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Simple.You register,Pay the annual subscription membership.Select the class package of 15/30 or 49 students,Finally you receive a password .and regenerate income.

My School of Cosmetics

I from a small Albanian village who emigrated  to Italy.Cometics ,especially female make up and beauty fashion motivated me to reach out to Teacher`s Class  Corner .After creating a membership in 3 months I have over 1500 students worldwide .

Our Platform

Teacher Class Corner  is a teaching platform  where anybody can create a teaching,tutor,or a instructor class of your students or clients in 20 minutes..You can create a class video of your lessons in pre-view and resend it to your subjects by a password  generated  by the platform.

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15 Students/Clients

Your subscription annual payment and a class of 15 students paying eg. $45 per lesson x 15 students/clients per lesson .These lessons are 2 per week .So in one month you have 8 lessons With 30 and 49 students/clients you apply the same method.


$45 per lesson x 15 students/clients x 8 lessons per month.Your income will be $5400 per month 30 students/Clients ..... 49 students/clients

850 Million Students

There are over 850 million students /clients worldwide looking for teachers,tutors,instructors to teach and coach subjects,skills and knowledge .Take this opportunity and earn a comfortable source of income.Some of our tutors are earning $44,000 per month.